LPR Recording at a full bat

Here are some photos from my home studio in Flying Swine Town. Drums are finally back from basement in Žilina, so I started to record today at 14:00. First song is almost finished.



A whole room is in black and white style.


SONOR Smart Force One. Cool drums.


I have pretty big comfort in my new room in FST.


Matilda can´t understand…


Notebook. “Winter Song” is almost done.

What is the Flying Swine Town? Is it real?

-rise and swine-

Yes, unfortunately Flying Swine Town, or in original (slovak) – Lietavská Svinná is real village near the Žilina, the biggest town in the north of Slovakia. You don´t know Slovakia? Well, you should, because Slovakia or Slovenská Republika is a country in the very middle of Europe.

Ok, this is the boring beggining about a geography and you aren´t a geographer. If you are, get out of my web page. Now (hate geographers).

This blog on WP, which I brought because it is for free, is going to be about promoting my faint and priceless music experimentations.

So, no more words. Give me a few days – I´m going to record my music stuff and later I will post it here, for you.Thanks, be real be pig.Image