Rise and swine!

After a short time of silence, I am back with whole new music material. During the last month I’ve been creating new ideas for my music debut and I am planning to share some of them with you in the following weeks. You are certainly asking, why I haven’t uploaded here anything from my music. The reason is very simple – it is because of the school. You know, final exams and tests, it took me a lot of time.

But what is important, now, in Slovakia we have spring holidays, which last 9 days and this is enough time. I have already created the main parts of two songs, and it’s only a question of time when I finish it completely with drums and bass line.

So, very soon I am going to upload a whole new song.


Imageempty Štúrbaks caffé – birth place of ideas



LPR Recording at a full bat

Here are some photos from my home studio in Flying Swine Town. Drums are finally back from basement in Žilina, so I started to record today at 14:00. First song is almost finished.



A whole room is in black and white style.


SONOR Smart Force One. Cool drums.


I have pretty big comfort in my new room in FST.


Matilda can´t understand…


Notebook. “Winter Song” is almost done.