Anna Calvi at Lucerna

British female vocalist and guitarist Anna Calvi performed her great show at Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, capital of Czech Republic. After a please-better-kill-me one man band called The Kitchen ends (ADVICE: do not google it), finally Anna comes on the stage. She played really great show and also played covers from Elvis Presley (Surrender) and from Bruce Springsteen (Fire), which were cool. Her encore contained songs like A Kiss To Your Twin, hits Blackout and Jezebel

Of course, that Lonely Pig Ringo would not let miss such a great concert. So yes, I´ve been there and had a great time with my guitarist from other music band.


Another great song, DESIRE:

Keep it swine


What is the Flying Swine Town? Is it real?

-rise and swine-

Yes, unfortunately Flying Swine Town, or in original (slovak) – Lietavská Svinná is real village near the Žilina, the biggest town in the north of Slovakia. You don´t know Slovakia? Well, you should, because Slovakia or Slovenská Republika is a country in the very middle of Europe.

Ok, this is the boring beggining about a geography and you aren´t a geographer. If you are, get out of my web page. Now (hate geographers).

This blog on WP, which I brought because it is for free, is going to be about promoting my faint and priceless music experimentations.

So, no more words. Give me a few days – I´m going to record my music stuff and later I will post it here, for you.Thanks, be real be pig.Image