My music

You are certainly asking, who am really I and maybe, what I´m doing. Well, and maybe not, but whatever.

I am a student and I dedicate almost all of my free time to music. I have, totally, five music bands, which are active and that´s pretty a lot of work. So I am going to describe it all.

KRIVDA is a garage punk band, which consist of a drummer and songwriter – me and a guitarist and singer  – Dávid Korbel, famous young and talented punk guitarist from Hájik, housing estate of Žilina. With Dávid, we´ve been friends since elementary school and we started our band 2 years ago. We play fast, energic punk rock with funny lyrics. But you can´t understand them, because they´re in in slovak language, unfortunately. But nevermind, you can listen to our music here >>

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR is the most interesting, serious and important band in my music sphere. ASB consist of four members. Maro on a bass, Vít on a guitar/backing vocals/keyboard, Michal on a guitar/main vocalist and me – drummer, percussionist. We play some mix of indie, alternative, pop, garage, lo-fi rock. In these weeks we are finisihng our 12 song to our debut album. It´s gonna be awesome stuff, you´ll see. But pssst.

Every Time Another Place/Two choruses (work name) is a music project between me and my good friend Peter Kováč, who plays on the keyboard, piano and sings. We play something like jazz alternative rock.

NORTHERN TROLLS is a legendary and renowned music band which plays self called troll punk. We don´t have any sharable material yet.

RAIN is a strange band with strange members. A number of members are always change. We had a female singer, she was awesome and tallented, but there were some problems. Currently, with Bruno, we´re only two and composing songs for first EP.

LONELY PIG RINGO wow, it´s me. I dont have so much time for creating, but I´ll try.

…on the end, little demonstration of De Stijl art movement. Because I like it.


Keep it swine



About trollumbo

17 years old student. Playing mainly on the drums and guitar. Trying to play on keyboard and xylophone. Love books and Tarantino´s movies. Eat spaghetti bolognese, and hate swines.

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