Anna Calvi at Lucerna

British female vocalist and guitarist Anna Calvi performed her great show at Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, capital of Czech Republic. After a please-better-kill-me one man band called The Kitchen ends (ADVICE: do not google it), finally Anna comes on the stage. She played really great show and also played covers from Elvis Presley (Surrender) and from Bruce Springsteen (Fire), which were cool. Her encore contained songs like A Kiss To Your Twin, hits Blackout and Jezebel

Of course, that Lonely Pig Ringo would not let miss such a great concert. So yes, I´ve been there and had a great time with my guitarist from other music band.


Another great song, DESIRE:

Keep it swine


An average tourist report on Rome or How to Get Lost in Vatican

A strange girl Silvizda´s ultimate travel guide – Rome, Italy. Awesome, you have to read it, look >>


And then I relized I have no idea how to get home. In such situations you start imagining various scenarios. The top one on my mind was that I would sell the camera and with the money start a new life in Rome. So in that state of mind I wandered around Vatican for hour and half thinking that I had already missed the bus home…and then…I saw a friendly face from our group! YES! I am saved. Just 10 minutes before our bus left! Not to mention, grandma was pretty mad. But it was quite s fun in the

via An average tourist report on Rome or How to Get Lost in Vatican.

My music

You are certainly asking, who am really I and maybe, what I´m doing. Well, and maybe not, but whatever.

I am a student and I dedicate almost all of my free time to music. I have, totally, five music bands, which are active and that´s pretty a lot of work. So I am going to describe it all.

KRIVDA is a garage punk band, which consist of a drummer and songwriter – me and a guitarist and singer  – Dávid Korbel, famous young and talented punk guitarist from Hájik, housing estate of Žilina. With Dávid, we´ve been friends since elementary school and we started our band 2 years ago. We play fast, energic punk rock with funny lyrics. But you can´t understand them, because they´re in in slovak language, unfortunately. But nevermind, you can listen to our music here >>

ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR is the most interesting, serious and important band in my music sphere. ASB consist of four members. Maro on a bass, Vít on a guitar/backing vocals/keyboard, Michal on a guitar/main vocalist and me – drummer, percussionist. We play some mix of indie, alternative, pop, garage, lo-fi rock. In these weeks we are finisihng our 12 song to our debut album. It´s gonna be awesome stuff, you´ll see. But pssst.

Every Time Another Place/Two choruses (work name) is a music project between me and my good friend Peter Kováč, who plays on the keyboard, piano and sings. We play something like jazz alternative rock.

NORTHERN TROLLS is a legendary and renowned music band which plays self called troll punk. We don´t have any sharable material yet.

RAIN is a strange band with strange members. A number of members are always change. We had a female singer, she was awesome and tallented, but there were some problems. Currently, with Bruno, we´re only two and composing songs for first EP.

LONELY PIG RINGO wow, it´s me. I dont have so much time for creating, but I´ll try.

…on the end, little demonstration of De Stijl art movement. Because I like it.


Keep it swine